Bistra Gazi Baba Volcanoes

Because it is good from time to time to get “new blood”, Bistra joined us recently. The pretty lady comes from Macedonia, and was able to reach us through our friend Marija Jovanovic (Serbs Mountains) who helped us in the search and Deniz Selim her breeder who trusted us. Bistra …

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Nox du Gardien de Velana

Nox born home on december 8th 2014, of the marriage between Efoly’s Fanta dite Fame and Cer Sapo Suvodo. Nox is a dog very well in his paws (balanced), curious about everything, clever, very diplomatic with snowdrifts he knows grasp. Although its color is white*, it is nonetheless a sarpla …

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Efoly’s Fanta said Fame

Fame2 1.5a

Fame came to us in May 2012. Our friend and recognized breeder Efoly’s having decided to stop breeding, we took two young 2 years old females Fame and Bela. Fame is the power, the beauty and the kindness of his parents concentrated in a single subject. Very playful, puppy still …

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